Wind Down Well - 5 Bedtime Tips

Buzzing before bedtime😴? Here are some ideas to help you switch off:

1. Sit quietly for 10 mins with your notepad📘 and scribble whatever comes to mind. I always get great ideas💡 when my mind is in a more restful state and need to capture them. Or else I remember something to add to the to-do list!

2. Do a quick body scan and release any tension. Mentally scan your own body starting at your toes👣 and working up. Notice any niggles or areas of tension, just acknowledge thy they are there but don't let it consume you. Take a deep breath🙏 and allow tensions to melt away.

3. Enjoy a nice stretch🧘‍♀️. Not just for mornings, a stretch helps you to relax and loosen up ready for a comfortable sleep. Especially if you do it after #2 above!

4. Lose the tech📱 and read📖 instead. Even a couple of pages can lull you into a restful state. Careful though, it can also work the other way and you can find yourself uttering "just one more chapter!"

5. Do nothing. Allow yourself to just lay still and notice what happens🛌. You're not forcing yourself to do anything, just be still and enjoy the experience!

Which one resonates with you most?


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