Start living an even better life from today


Hey I'm Amie and it's awesome to meet you!

A quick bit about me:

  • Obsessed with nurturing growth and self development (for me and for you!
  • Passionate about my veg garden, growing and eating!
  • I actually do live a version of my own best happy life - for real, and I have even bigger goals I'm working on.
  • I love to inspire YOU to live an even better life, especially if you're not used to do anything for yourself!

I'm here to show you how to give yourself permission to put yourself first by using easy, everyday actionable steps towards creating a better life

...and get this, you can start in just 5 minutes a day!


Amie x


It took me long time to realise that if I was going to be able to live the life I really wanted, it needed to start with me.  Putting myself first was NOT SELFISH contrary to popular belief and no matter where you're starting from, positive change IS POSSIBLE.

Amie Crews Coach

“You know just the right questions to ask! You always seem to hit the spot with things I hadn't even thought of and you're just sooo good at this!!”

Amie Crews Coach

“This has been amazing, Amie, thank you so much. I'd have not got through the last few months of spinning so many plates without the course, and the fact I'm still keeping to my boundaries (especially work related) and putting myself high up on my priority list shows just how awesome it's all been.”

Business owner

Amie Crews Coach

“I would HIGHLY recommend Amie, she always brings such clarity to moments of fog and overwhelm. On numerous occasions she has helped me to organise my mindset, enabling me to crack on with a task and drive it forward”


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